What are metaskeletons

Metaskeletons are 5,555 unique 2D/3D NFT social avatar skeletons that are poised to take over the Metaverse and divide the spoils.

Every skeleton is unique with over 200 unique characteristics and algorithmically generated attributes.  

They all have their own unique look.  Some are weird, some are crazy, and some are cool.  But the one thing they have in common is they all look dope as h*ll.  The skeletons are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Phase 1 is sold out.

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Exclusive and High Reward

When you own a 2D MetaSkeleton you not only own a unique art piece that can appreciate in value, but you are also part of an exclusive community packed with benefits like future whitelist access, networking opportunities, investment opportunities, and just straight-up cool sh*t.  A rising tide lifts all boats, and when you join the MetaSkeletons, you’re one of us.


Will you be lucky enough to mint a legendary skeleton

buy on opensea

If you’re one of the 10 lucky people to mint a 1-of-1 Legendary Skeleton you will have a sick piece of art but an asset that has HUGE ROI potential!

Estimated Starting Value of 3-4 ETH

So many membership Perks,
Your skull will explode


Unique NFT’s, your Skeleton is one of a kind art piece.

UTILITIES (Now live)

It’s more than NFT art. We’re creating DAO and fractional ownership opportunities.

STAKING (Now Live)

Stake your skeleton and use rewards and earn $BONES token every day. You can use $BONES to own a % of the Skeleton Vault.


Bring your skeleton to life and chill at our metaverse home: The Graveyard!


Network with like-minded investors, collectors and creators.


Over $300k in rewards skeletons in our community.

When we Say divide the spoils...
we literally mean divide the spoils

30% of all residual sales will be deposited in the Skeleton Vault and that capital will be used to invest in appreciating and/or income-generating assets to be split (fractionalized) among the Skeleton Vault owners. I.E…

  • Purchase iconic NFT’s such as BAYC, Crypto Punks, Cool Cats.
  • Buy , build, and flip land and real estate in the metaverse
  • Hosting exclusive metavers events, concerts, and parties at the Graveyard.
  • And any other business ventures we vote on and tackle as a community.


When you stake your MetaSkeleton you’ll earn tokens.  You can use those on merch, upgrades for your NFT or best of all: an ownership stake in the Skeleton Investment Vault. To reward the community we've already added a CyberKong VX, a GNSS Seed and 2 rare MetaSkeletons to kick things off!


STAGE 1 (Completed)

News breaks that Metaskeletons is flipping the NFT world on its head by creating an exclusive, high reward NFT unlike anything you’ve seen to this point.


STAGE 1A (Completed)

Celebrity partnerships.  We’re teaming up with the biggest names you can think of to endorse the project and bring one-of-a-kind experiences ONLY for members


STAGE 1B (Completed)

Whitelist.  Community members will be able to earn a spot on a whitelist for helping grow and support the community. Being on the whitelist comes with significant benefits including discounted pricing and access to community awards.


STAGE 2 (Completed)

Presale. MetaSkeletons will be opened up to whitelist members for pre-sale, and then the price exponentially increases for latecomers to the party.


STAGE 3 (Completed)

The first round of community prizes are given to our members based on what they have contributed to growing the community (And of course you must own at least 1 Metaskeleton NFT).  Announcements will be made in discord on what, when, and how we will award these prizes but one thing is for sure…you will not want to miss out!


STAGE 4 (Completed)

Public Sale. The remaining MetaSkeletons will be available for public sale.


STAGE 5 (Completed)

MetaSkeleton Merch will be available to MetaSkeleton holders.
This will be real-life clothing to start (But everything is possible in the MetaVerse).


STAGE 6 (Completed)

Everyone has the opportunity to earn.  We’re bringing staking capabilities to our MetaSkeletons, so your NFT generates ongoing rewards.


STAGE 7 (Completed)

The Skeleton Vault will be established.  As a member of the MetaSkeletons, we invest back in you!  We will use this vault to finance the staking, game development, marketing campaigns, community events, fund future NFT projects, invest in assets, donate to our favorite charities, and long-term project development activities. Anything that brings value to our society… we do it and we divide the spoils!



The 3D collection goes on sale. Mint a 3D Meta Skeleton and
plunder the metaverse.  We’ll be partying non-stop at The Graveyard in the SandBox
(And other metaverse platforms in the future.)



Get ready for gaming. Plans for MetaSkeletons gaming will start to drop.
You’ll be able to put your skeleton to work in the metaverse have the
chance to earn real rewards.





Mint a 3D Meta Skeleton and roam the Metaverse and across Metaverse platforms, like SandBox, as your avatar. The 3D collection and avatars are already in development and release dates will be announced soon. You’ll be able to download your avatar in multiple file formats.

Purchase and hold (1) or more 2D MetaSkeletons as your ticket to the 3D Whitelist

Purchase and hold (3) or more 2D MetaSkeletons, and you will get a 3D skeleton
+ Avatar for FREE (Big Savings)

The Sandbox

Welcome to the "Graveyard". We have one of the best Voxel developers in the world designing our land. Here's a sneak peek.


The metaskeletons Team

The MetaSkeletons team is made of INC 5000 entrepreneurs, Top artists, Blockchain development experts, Paid media experts, Discord experts and multiple support staff. Our goal is to go above and beyond for the community and deliver not only amazing art but a one-of-a-kind high-reward experience.


In collaboration with

Originally born in Korea, but adopted and raised in the US, PVNDA is a badass with creativity oozing from everything he does.  He’s a US Iraqi Freedom War Vet with the Combat Expert Infantry Badge,
eight Army Commendation Medals, and 4 ARCOM Awards.

But wait… it gets better.

After getting out of the military PANDA was one of 29 students accepted to the prestigious fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where he studied under Anthony Rubino.

Since then, he has gone on to work with:

GQ Magazine
Levi Strauss
Motown Records
Bergdorf Goodman
Good Morning America
Calvin Klein
And more!

An NFT project is only as good as the artist behind the creations, and we have one of the best!


All the answers to your questions about MetaSkeletons in one place.

What is the public minting price?

The public minting price will be  0.35 ETH

What is the limit I can purchase?

You can mint 10 MetaSkeletons at a time and make as many transactions as you would like on a first come first serve basis.

What is the community fund used for?

The community fund is used to finance the staking, game development, marketing campaigns, community events,and long-term project development activities.

How do I mint?

We will specific minting instructions inside of our discord and on our minting page. The only place you can mint your Meta Skeleton(s) is on this website which is the official website. Check out the  #official-links channel in discord to make sure you are on the official sites of Meta Skeletons.

What are the community awards?

We have the most excited community awards in the industry and we are striving to reward all members. Make sure to join our discord to get all the details

Join the MetaSketetons Community

This is an exclusive and high reward NFT unlike anything you’ve seen to this point.